Welcome to Wanderlust Series! My name is Katelyn Miskulin, a 23 year old from Canada with an unquenchable thirst to experience the world. My hope is that this website will serve as a space for roamers to gather, be inspired to set out on your own travels and live life on your terms. You can read more about my truth on travel here.


Why Blogging?

From a young age I had a love for design, photography and travel, even though I had never left the country or even explored Canada outside of growing up in Alberta and eventually settling in Victoria, British Columbia. My mother went where the work was, so we moved a lot. At 14, I had a conversation with a family friend who asked me a question that has stuck with me to this day. He told me to answer quickly with whatever popped into my head. The answer surprised me but also gave me my first ever “aha!” moment.

“If you could do anything in the world as a career, what would you do?”
“Travel and be able to write about it.”

Freshly 18 with my passport in hand, I left Canada for the first time on a school trip to Italy, Greece and Turkey after saving up for two years. I spent a shameful amount of my free time looking for internet cafes to get in touch with my boyfriend instead of exploring much further on my own.


Enjoying some rare downtime in Mykonos with my friend… iPhones in hand, waiting for the wifi password.


4 months after this trip and weeks after graduating high school, I would see my boyfriend for the first time in nearly a year before he left for Afghanistan on deployment. I had never been more in love, until I discovered I was pregnant two months after he left. This pregnancy and how it all came to an end completely changed my outlook on life. I am not one to shy away from writing at length about loss and dealing with grief, but it will come at a later date and take on different forms. It was such a personal experience but I know I am not the only one who has dealt with a loss like that.

The most important thing I gained from that ordeal is that I need to live my life completely for myself. Now that I was starting a new chapter in so many senses, I had a duty to live my life as best as I could for myself and the baby who, if nothing else, served as a way to point my life in the right direction. So, I decided I would save up again to go back Europe and re-trace the steps of my trip to make new memories and help the healing process. It soon became so much more than that.

Travel helped me heal and still inspires me daily to live a better life. It is the most rewarding experience anyone can have, and I want to inspire others to have “aha!” moments like I did. If I can inspire others to seek out new experiences in different cultures, I’ll be happy. How much more can I ask?